Since 1990, we’ve served our neighbors in Yucca Valley and the surrounding communities in all of their income tax needs. Our clients include individuals, professionals, and small businesses, including: C Corporations, S Corporations, LLC, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Estates, and Trusts. We’re also proficient in handling Non-Profit, Estate, and Gift Tax returns and providing professional fiduciary services.


Whether we like it or not, today's tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can be confusing. It’s just too easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. Even if you use a computer software program there's no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

When you work with one of our tax preparers at Abbott & Company, here's what you get...

  • We’ll work with you to develop a basic plan for gathering the documentation we need to prepare your tax return.
  • We’ll sit down with you to ensure that everything needed is available and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Your completed tax return will be checked by our computer software to identify potential problems and rechecked by a qualified tax preparer to ensure everything is correct.
  • Your State and Federal tax return will be filed electronically at no extra charge. See below for the many advantages of "e-filing".
  • We’ll show you potential deductions to limit your tax liability for the following year.

Our Yucca Valley tax preparation services are designed to give you peace of mind about your tax situation. We value your satisfaction and will respond promptly to your inquiries. Contact Abbott & Company today to schedule a 30 minute consultation. Call us at (760) 365-1040. 


We believe that planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We’ll work with you to customize a plan so you’ll pay the lowest amount of taxes allowable by law. And we make it our priority to be up-to-date on new developments in the complex tax laws, so our clients are never left behind.

When you meet with us, we’ll discuss Tax Saving Strategies that could help you...

  • defer income so you can keep your money now and pay less taxes later.
  • lower taxes on your income so you keep more of what you make.
  • reduce taxes on your estate so your family keeps more of what you've made.
  • reduce taxes on your gifts so you can give more.
  • reduce taxes on your investments so you can grow your wealth faster.
  • reduce taxes on your retirement distributions so you can retire in style.

Remember, we work for you, not for the IRS. Through careful planning and legitimate tax strategies, it actually may be possible to lower your taxes.

Electronic Filing

Electronic filing, also known as e-filing or online filing, is the fastest way to safely and securely file your tax return. Your personal and tax information will be encrypted and transmitted over secure lines to ensure confidentiality. We will receive proof of filing when your return is received and accepted, so there is no uncertainty as to when or if the IRS received your paperwork.  If you are owed a refund, filing your return electronically ensures you will receive your money as soon as possible. You also can choose to have your refund directly deposited into your bank account, so your money is available for you to use immediately.